Fall EP

by Cold Country

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A small collection of B-sides to our full-length, "Willow."


released November 17, 2015

Photo by Rachel Winslow
Cover Art by Carlyn Janus

All songs written and recorded by Sean McConnell.
Additional engineering by Will Wholesome, Jayson Homyak, and David Strackany.

Cold Country is... Sean McConnell, Chris Jesurun, Jayson Homyak, Anna Holmquist, and Will Wholesome

Guest vocals:
Letter To My Daughters - Hazel Rickard, Emily Kastrul, Hannah Satterwhite, Jessie Winslow
To Providence - Esme Patterson, Jessie Winslow



all rights reserved


Cold Country Chicago, Illinois

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Samantha Alaimo


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Track Name: Scratching The Surface Of A Diamond
So this is how it starts
From the bottom of a broken heart
Just like the saying goes "As above..." well you know... what they say.
And I cast shadows on the trees, never them onto me
You mean the world to me, not just some mountaintop to reach
More than the centuries that we knew would bring them crumbling to their knees... Let them fall.

So this is how it feels to be king for day
And is this what it means to be ready when we go? ...Well I don't know.
So we'll try to keep in mind these are the best years of our lives
I guess it takes some failing to really know you tried
And holding back the hand of that "old keeper of time" is more and more like trying to scratch the surface of a diamond.

Oh my friend, if you asked me too, I would be there by you...
But my friend, if I asked you to, would you be there? "Come to my rescue..."
Track Name: Letter To My Daughters
I wrote a letter to my Daughters. Thought out things I had to say.
"Broken bones will heal back stronger. Torn up hearts won't stay that way."

Rest your head on my shoulder. Sigh your heavy hearts to bed.
Things you'll keep as you get older, some, you'll give away instead...

Oh to know the light in your eyes
Oh to know the hurt when you cry...

"Heads of stone will learn much harder than the ones who would softly say, 'Who am I, if not a vessel for the tides of time to sway?'"

Oh to know the light in your eyes
Oh to know the hurt when you cry...

Sealed the letter to my daughters.
Sent it off with all their names...
Track Name: To Providence
"Someday I will go to Providence
Oh I have heard that you can find where you're goin' out there
And I will sing to the ocean, til' the waves they have swallowed me
But those waves, they seem so far away
So for now, I'll just dream of the day

Someday I will live amongst the trees
Oh I have heard if you are quiet you can hear them speak
And I will sing to every star up in the sky, til' every star is shining just for me
But all those stars, they seem so far away
So for now, I'll just dream of the day

Someday I will leave this 9 to 5
Oh I've been told there are better things to do with my time
And I will cross every highway, every street, til' every place I've ever been is home to me
But all those places, they seem so far away
So for now, I'll just dream of the day

Someday I will fall in love again
I've often wondered of where and of when
And she could be my every reason to leave here, and we could live out all our dreams with every day
But all those dreams, they seem so far away
So for now, I'll just keep dreaming my life away..."
Track Name: Song Of Return
One day when I'm through chasing my tail, and I have found that along it was you...
One day when I'm through racing the moon...
I will return, I will return to you.

I know I give away all the best parts of me. I know I like to keep all the best parts of you.
But one day soon, one day soon,
They will return, they will return to you.

There was a song that was sung in the dawn of the east.
It gave its blues to the sky and its gold to the seeds.
And this song is the same as your song, every refrain, every reprise 'til the day is done...

"And they'll return to you with every day as anew. Every season a change, every turn in you, the same."
Track Name: Fall Reprise
So it was, will always be
That kingdoms fall into the sea
And so it goes, and so will stay
Was of the few to be king for a day